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29 November 2011 @ 12:04 am
The Lake Legacy 2.0  

For all who voted in the heir poll, thank you so much! It was a tie and I tried my hardest to wait for someone to tip the scales but after 3 days of a tie, I closed the poll and flipped a coin.

LAST TIME: All the kids grew up, graduated and there was an heir poll.

Aaaand now without further ado... the heir is WADE!
But before we jump right into him, we have to backtrack a little because Zared still needed to graduate!

I like to imagine he's appalled at the fact he is not heir. Really, he's probably just acting like his mom and hating on toilets.

And here he is in his grad garb! 

......That's not too close. Noooo, not at all.

Cordelia also showed up.

But, being the weirdo that she is, she didn't bother attending the ceremony. She just stood outside and read a book.

Athletic Zared being voted to be most likely to be a sports star. I feel like that could be likely.

And here he is, the last of the Lake children to graduate!.....he looks so happy :/

Vivien: Really? This is the last of these boring ceremonies I have to sit through???

Well, at least as a parent!

Connor: Wait! Does this make me old and smelly?

That night when they got back from the events of the day, Vivien started feeling funny.

Vivien: Bahaha! The sparkles! They tickle!

And Vivien enters Elder years.

Aww! I think she is a cute old lady!


With all of the graduations out of the way, I had Wade invite Irma over.

And they finally shared their first kiss!

Aaand since things were moving along so swimmingly: synchronized moving out!

Goodbye my sweet, deranged girly. I will miss you and your crazy antics.

And there she goes...

So long boring, blonde child. I shall forever miss your diverse genetics.

And then it was 3.

I decided it was time they got an upgrade. So here is their new house I built! 
I might do an official house tour if there is any interest.

Connor of course went straight to the study to check out his digs.

Vivien made creepy faces while roaming around and applauding at all the new items.

Wade was sure there was some sort of catch to this deal. Little does he know he is obligated to procreate to my heart's content.

Vivien: So, isn't this new table nice to eat on?
Wade: *silence*

Vivien: Hmm...Okay son, how's your job? Do you enjoy being a lab rat?
Wade: Omnomnomnom waffles.



Wade escaped his mother by inviting Irma back over for more romantic advances.

Yay! Compatibility!

He wooed her with flowers.

Wade: So my flowers were good, and you seem to like my new house? Wanna date?

Irma: Of course I will date you, Wade. *reminisces about babysitting him as a toddler*

Wade: Wait, hold that thought!

Wade: Did I say date? I meant marry!

She was okay with that proposition too.

Wade creepily sniffing her hair or smthn.

Obligatory Connor writing shot. Yeah, he's going no where.

That night the two lovebirds went out to dinner to celebrate their engagement.

Meanwhile at home, Vivien played video games.
Lake Legacy trivia fact: Vivien is now OBSESSED with videogames. I'm so glad they didnt have them before, her children wouldn't have stood a chance.

After the date, Wade invited Irma to stay the night.

The next morning Viv got her list of work assignments. I swear, Cody refuses to let go.

Shower woohoo: good times.

Vivien could hardly wait for them to finish sexy timez before bursting in the bathroom to talk with Irma. Viv is almost as in love with Irma as Wade is. She constantly wants to talk to her and has wants to be her friend.

Good thoughts Irma!

Connor then aged up to Elder.
Nothing special about it really.

But then he rolled this want and instantly became a little bit more awesome.

And just like old times, passing out in the kitchen is still a common thing.

Wade hopes marriage isn't like death!

Well, he's about to find out because the first guest(s) showed up to the wedding. This is Wade's cousin Bobby's wife and son.....wearing Irma's everyday outfit LE GASP!

The wedding begins..and Wade decides he's suddenly hungry. smh.

And here are the guests: Cordelia, Cody, Bobby (wife and child too), Jared, Germaine(Cordelia's prom love), Bebe Hart, Zared.
Naturally, no one used the chairs I so nicely set out.

But in the back of this crowd is poor, sweet Vivien. All sad and boohooey. She breaks my wittle heart. :(

Yeaaah, I feel like none of the guests paid any attention. 

But that's okay, because they had a pretty wedding regardless. :)

Then to the bedroom for more sexy time and sleep.
Oh, and a formal introduction of Irma is:
Irma Lake-
She is a Lucky, Slob who is Friendly, Charismatic, and Family-Oriented.

Irma got a career in Journalism, so now Connor has someone to fight over the computer with.

I think we all know what this means...Someone needs to clean the toilet! lol

Just as she was about to go to work, we got our first pop of the 3rd generation!

While, she was allowed days off, everyone else was still sent off to work. So Vivien started on her makeovers for the day.

And while I wasn't watching the house I got this notification.
I love those two so much. I've never had more affectionate sims.


Irma: Remember how you talked about making those blocks of explosives? Well, honey. I think that you should consider playing with other kinds of blocks...likethekindsbabiesplaywith.

Wade: I approve of this plan.

This is mostly how the pregnancy went. She was so happy and chipper that there wasn't anything really picture-worthy.

Then, it was time for the baby!

Wade: What is this sorcery??

Viv's face is glitched. Just imagine that she had botox, BUT SHE'S FREAKING OUT ON THE INSIDE!

Instead of taking his wife to the hospital, he decided that now was a good time to scare his elderly mother who was already panicked about a baby on the way. Yep, that sounds like a completely safe idea.

Luckily, Irma is a strong woman who gets shit done on her own.

Only in sims do women in labor calmly get into their cars and drive themselves to the hospital. 

And now we welcome..
Talia Lake
Talia means "Dews of Heaven"
Talia is a Virtuoso and also developed the family trait of absent-mindedness.

And I shall end this update with a picture of Talia's nursery!

Thanks for reading!
Just a little heads up, I can't guarantee that I will be updating for the next couple weeks. I am getting down to crunch time in the semester and I have a million papers, projects, and group projects to get done in the next two weeks and then finals that third week. I will try not to go MIA for too long but just in case, that's my reasons! :D

Leigh: TV | Me & You. You & I.letinthelight on November 29th, 2011 08:07 am (UTC)
YAY WADE. I'm so happy he made heir. You should consider offering him for download... ya know... just a suggestion. c: Irma & Wade are über-adorable together - I'm jealous of your sims' relationship. Also, good luck with the end of your semester! I'll just be over here waiting for more Lake kiddos.
spiderylacespiderylace on November 29th, 2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
I'm glad the heir you wanted got chosen! :D I would definitely offer him for DL but tbh, I dont even know how to put up a sim.
Thanks for the luck, i'll need all of it I can get and also Thanks for reading :D
Leigh: TV | Me & You. You & I.letinthelight on November 29th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
The More Sane Method is a super easy way of exporting sims from your game. /pushy :D
spiderylacespiderylace on November 29th, 2011 10:44 pm (UTC)
Ooooh! Okay! Excellent! I can definitely do that!
(Deleted comment)
spiderylacespiderylace on November 29th, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D
Jessicajossoco on November 29th, 2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
Aww, Vivien is such a cute old lady.

Wade, honey, your wedding isn't the time to complain about being hungry, just thought you should know. So excited to see this generation!
spiderylacespiderylace on November 29th, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC)
I know! She's so precious! Her wittle sad face at the wedding made me want to reach in my game and hug her! :D :D

IKR! I was trying so bad to get a picture of them kissing without his "DYING OF HUNGER" thingy overhead.
Thank yoou! :D